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Take your business to China!

We love entrepreneurs. We celebrate you and think that you are brave, courageous and bold individuals who have the opportunity to change the world in ways 'other people' can never imagine.  Think of all of the famous self-starters out there who have contributed to our daily life; Ray Kroc; Steve Jobs; Bill Gates; that guy or gal always bugging you about how much money they made in their MLM business... yes.. we even celebrate them!


We also understand how hard it is to 'go it alone'.  We don't all get to become multi-millionaires or social media magnates.  In fact, most of us have to work longer and harder hours than the average 'employee' and without the stability.  Taking your business plan to China can be an added source of revenue without the added cost.


WHY TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO CHINA? China's economy is set to become the world's largest in a matter of a few years.  There is a constant demand for new and 'foreign' products and services.  Some things to consider:

- A huge (and growing middle class);

- Respect for 'foreign' goods and services;

- Increased revenue with little increase in cost.


HOW DO WE DO IT? There are several ways to look at delivering your product or service in China. 

- Licensed distribution partner;

- Manufacture and distribute in-country;

- Licensed service provider;

- Brand sharing with existing business.

Each of these brings its own challenges and rewards.  Together we can look at your business and determine the best way forward.



- Our initial consultation is complimentary.  We can meet in person, or digitally to discuss our potential for cooperation.

- If we agree to work together, we will discuss a standard service fee based on revenue from China.

- **If you don't make money, we don't make money**

- The only 'cost' to you would come from expenses incurred as a result of working on your behalf.  All of which are discussed in advance.


To learn more about taking your business to China, contact us!  We will reply to your email and set up the initial consultation.