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Education remains one of the sectors with the highest demand for foreign input.  China is open to teachers from almost all subject areas and many private schools are in need of qualified administrators who can adapt to a different cultural environment.


Poupart International Consulting Incorporated officers educational support in two main areas:

- recruitment and training;

- program design, development and management.


For more information about either of these two service areas, check the links below.


As an educator, you should consider 'taking it to China' if you:

- are looking for a new challenge;

- have a genuine love of students of all ages;

- want to experience a new culture and learn a new language;

- are looking for potential long-term opportunities in China.


Check the link above for more information or contact us if you any questions.

Quick facts

- In 2016, roughly 500,000 Chinese students went abroad for college or university. More than 300,000 of them went to the US alone.

- Compulsory education in China extends from grades 1 to 9.

- There is a gap in college preparatory education between grades 10 and 12 since the Chinese Gaokao (college entrance exam taken at the end of grade 12) does not adequately prepare students for the North American Education system.

- Private schools are taking up the slack, but many of these schools are owned by investment groups, real estate groups or other non-academic organizations. 


There is a large and growing market throughout China for international private schools.  Many of these schools need a North American partner to issue diplomas for their students.


Although there exists the enormous potential to generate revenue for your private school, there are pitfalls to avoid.  The good news is..