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Programs and Support

Poupart International offers a wide range of services for schools that want to develop partner programs in China. Read on for more information.

Developing partnerships with Chinese schools is both rewarding and challenging.   Smaller private schools looking to boost their endowment fund, increase recruitment, raise capital funds or develop summer/winter camps, will find a Chinese partner to be a good source of additional revenue for not a lot of investment. At the same time, schools looking to simply develop an 'international footprint' will find just as many opportunities.
How do we help?
First, we meet with you and your team to answer the following questions:
- What does your school offer?
- How do you want to offer it?
- How much do you want to charge for it?
Next, we work with our contacts throughout China to find you a potential partner school.  Partner schools have at least the following qualities:
- a significant population of students who have the means and desire to go 'abroad' for university or college;
- all of the licenses required to run a high school and hire 'foreign' teachers;
- at least one administrator directly involved in the program who has a 'good' command of English and communicate effectively with you and your team.


Finally, we look at the long term strategy.  We offer a full management package for your school in which we provide the following ongoing services:

- Teacher and administration training;
- SIS (student information system) deployment;
- Quality assurance;
- Student evaluation;
- Contract and enforcement;
- Brand protection;
- Arrange a minimum of 6 visits/school year to your partner school.


There are lots of other considerations involved in working with a Chinese partner school, but don't worry, we've seen it all!


The best news is that working with us will cost you next to nothing.  Our programs do not need to be fitted into your current budget because any fees we charge come out NEW REVENUE.  Contact us for more information about your package price.