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Let us take YOU to China!

NEW for 2018 by popular demand!!


In response to demand from some of our clients, we have launched a unique travel service aimed at YOU!  Yes, that's right, I'm really writing this to you.  I know it's for you because you're reading it.  This little section, tucked away at the back of our website is as personal as your upcoming trip to China.  It's okay, we know it's intimidating.. so many people, the language barrier, what should (or shouldn't) you eat, where should you go, where do you stay, how do you get around?!?!?! 






Maybe you don't want to join a big 'packaged tour'. 

Perhaps you want the freedom to make your own decisions.

Going on a business trip and want to add a few days of adventure?

Most of all, maybe you just want some special time for the two of you.


We are experts in China travel, and most of all, you don't even need to know we're there.  Our staff are great, friendly people, but they also know when to fade into the background and give you your space.


What do we do?

- Everything

We'll talk with you and discuss your:

- length of stay;- budget;
- dream destinations;- needs or concerns.

Then we'll put together an itinerary and go over it with you.  This is when you will tell us our *level of engagement along the way.


What's this level of engagement?

Simply put, it's how involved you want us to be at each point on your trip.  In some places, you may want us right by your side, at other times, you may want to be left alone to explore or experience something on your own.  It's YOUR trip, so we follow YOUR lead.


Where can we take you?

Our team covers Mainland China and Hong Kong.  Want to see The Great Wall in Beijing, head over to the Terracotta Army in Xi'an and finish with some of Shanghai's awesome nightlife? Sure.. we can do that.  Would you prefer to fly or go by high-speed train? It's just that easy.


When do we go?

We have year-round availability although some of our Guides are available on a first come first serve basis.  The best is to try and book as early as possible to take advantage of flight discounts and ensure that we have time to fulfill all of your requests.


Who are the Guides?

Poupart International works within its network of people all over China to ensure that you are served by fully-bilingual and knowledgeable individuals who can handle anything that comes up.   Justin travels to China every 6 weeks and is also available to act as a Guide.


How much does all of this cost?

Remember the 'budget' discussion I mentioned above?  We can work out almost any package for you.  You will need to consider the following costs:

- Airfare to a major Chinese port (Shanghai and Beijing are usually the best choices)

- Hotel accommodation for each night in China. (We can make several recommendations based on your budget)

- Domestic travel (planes or trains? Economy or First Class?)

- Meals

- Shopping money

- Our service fee


Wait?!?! What service fee??

Remember how I mentioned we would look after everything, and be with you every step of the way?  Well, we actually charge a fee for that.  Our rates start as low as $200/day depending on our level of involvement.  An exact quote will be provided with your itinerary.   You will also need to cover the costs of the Guide who joins you on your trip.   


Imagine traveling with your own fully bilingual concierge.  Someone who can take care of the hotels, meals, transportation and entertainment. Someone who fix any problems that come up along the way, not on the end of a phone, but actually by your side to take you everywhere you want to go.  Imagine traveling like a VIP!


For more information, contact us. This is a highly personalized service and Justin looks after each of these himself.  Serious inquiries only, please.